Gaming Tech Trends and Challenges that Players Still Face

The gaming industry has largely benefited from tech advancements that are changing the way everything is being done today. Gone are the days when one needed to travel long distances just to enjoy playing games of choice. Technology has made games easier and more fun to play and this has seen the rise in the number of gamers from about 100 million in the 1990s to nearly 3 billion today worldwide.

Gaming gadgets are now as good as their content which is increasingly growing broader and bolder. While other industries are facing difficult times, the ongoing digital apocalypse seems to be creating steady profits for gaming operators who no longer rent offices, set up studios or employ in-house staff.

The gaming landscape is highly changing and to enjoy the most out of it, you need to keep up with the most exciting trends. In this case, tech seems to be bringing only good things to the gaming industry but does this mean that gaming is now a bed of roses, especially for the players?

The following are challenges that you may be facing with your tech-powered gaming experience and how to deal with them.

Virtual Reality gaming

One of the trends that you may be deeply involved in is the use of VR gaming devices. Tech has enabled the availability of mobile and affordable VR headsets that work more efficiently and provide greater freedom of movement as well as a recreation of more basic feelings. There are also enough VR gadgets to suit diverse audiences.

Despite all these gaming tech advancements, VR gaming still faces several challenges. For instance, PC/console VR headsets may be powerful with high-quality display and data rate but they are limited by cords and wires.

Mobile VR headsets may have tackled this problem but they are poor in terms of graphics and production. Well, you do not need to worry because, with developments in the area of haptic feedback and standalone headsets, your gaming experience is set to move to the next level.


The growth of electronic sports is impressive and it is estimated to generate nearly $1.5 billion by the year 2020. Professional competitive gaming like the League of Legends, DOTA, StarCraft and so on continue to attract players and fans alike. Despite all the prominence, it is clear that e-sports gaming still face some challenges.

E-sports online games are privately owned and the servers are usually owned by companies that make them. The biggest challenge with such a scenario is that it creates an overreliance on these companies since they can stop the game whenever they feel like. These companies may also decide to make changes without consulting you or even deny you access to the games for one reason or another.

These companies are known to put their business interests ahead and charge players as they feel fit even when they cannot guarantee their future existence and that of the game too.


When gaming moved online, so did its payment modes. Gaming operators allow customers to upload and withdraw money using a number of major currencies and there are trends too when it comes to the gaming payments market. Mobile commerce has seen its market share rise from 40 to 60% in areas with high mobile coverage as mobile devices become indispensable to the tech-savvy consumers.

Other payment trends include multichannel and omnichannel payments which have not only enabled automation and personalization of payments but also structured payments around the lives and specification of consumers.

These trends are becoming part and parcel of the gaming industry but it is still faced with challenges of fraud and data breaches. Payment firms are adopting a range of solutions to deal with this problem but these measures still have some drawbacks. This is why many think that the alternative payment methods offered by cryptocurrencies are a better replacement to traditional payment methods.

As a result, digital currencies like Bitcoin and Blockchain are increasing their popularity because they eliminate the need for costly conversions of major currencies and also certain market shocks that result from devaluations. So, as much as you want to play and enjoy the tech of online gaming, you need to ensure that you choose your payment methods after considering all situations.

Gaming places

The gaming industry has come a long way and since most of its activities are now online based, it is also true that gaming places have shifted from stadiums, bars, arcades, and other gaming lounges to your gaming desk. You may be using your phone or any other mobile device but you will need to sit somewhere and concentrate on your game. Many players forget this important aspect of digital gaming and they tend to play their games from just anywhere. This is because they don’t realize the importance that comes with having a comfortable gaming environment.

Having a good gaming desk will give you ample gaming space without obstructions hence move freely and enjoy your game. Your health is also very important and without the right combination of chair and desk, you will end up suffering and distracted by aches and pains due to long hours of sitting. A successful game player is also one who is well organized and this means making everything that you need conveniently accessible.

Complex computer games require good cable management and this is only possible when you use the right desks dedicated to gaming.  Moreover, gaming desks look stylish and will place you in the mood of facing any competition with confidence besides taking your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of the gaming industry and this will continue to present new benefits as well as challenges. Some will lag but you will want to be with those who will keep up with the pace. Tech is highly advancing and you need to be on the lookout for something new that will make your gaming experience more fun, secure and profitable.