Facebook Inc is coming up with 5 Biggest updates this year

Ever since the news of Facebook Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal has broken out, the Facebook team has been going through a rough patch of time. With the entire world pointing out their fingers on a well-established and trusted platform, the company is trying to fix the things back to normal.

Currently, The Company is being engaged in F8 Developer Conference, which focuses on fixing the identified loopholes and making way for new updates on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus.

The 5 new and biggest facebook updates of the year

1. Introduction of Facebook Dating

facebook-dating-biggest update of facebook

After being inspired by the ‘stories’ feature of Snapchat, it seems that the next inspiration is the popular online dating application, Tinder. Facebook, being a platform, providing a big bunch of facilities, is going to add one more feature in the coming days through which the users would be able to search potential partners on this platform. The Users would able to have access to this feature by contacting each other, revealing only their first name, which independent of the Facebook core app.

This F8 announcement has acted as a major marketing tool for the company considering the prevailing crisis as when this news broke out, there was a huge downfall in the share prices of established dating applications, Tinder and OkCupid.

2. The launch of Oculus Go


With the introduction of Facebook Dating feature, the company has also announced the launch of Oculus Go which is a VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET, costing $199. Oculus Go offers a variety of exciting features like live experiences, playing multiplayer games, watching concerts etc. With a motive of improving the fascinating experience of Oculus Go, Oculus TV has also been launched which allows the users to directly stream into the shows of other websites like Netflix, ESPN etc.

3. Messenger Revamp

Facebook has clarified that the Messenger tool has been disassociated from the Facebook core app to extreme ends, considering the inconveniences. The company notified that the new update is independent of the previously caused problems and has been combined with a dark mode and an attached promotional video.

4. Updates on Whatsapp

Encrypted whatsapp messages - 3

When all other applications by the parent company, Facebook, are undergoing major changes, why WhatsApp would lag behind in the race?

The most popular messaging app, Whatsapp, will also adapt few and minor updates. The most recent and major update in Whatsapp that included the introduction of Stories was enthusiastically welcomed by the public. The intensity of its popularity is so much that nearly 450 million people every day, post a WhatsApp story.

Though the upcoming updates haven’t been specified, except the introduction of group video chat.

5. Instagram stories

Instagram stories became the most liked update of Instagram till now. A good news for filter fans is now they’d be able to use filters of other brands and applications via Instagram. Another good news for Instagram fans is that the app is soon going to turn into a proper messaging application involving video calls and group video calls.

The 5 new updates brought by Facebook are unique and exciting. Other than the updates, there was one more topic that was brought upon i.e. Analytica scandal. However, the CEO chose not to speak much about the scandal and diverted the attention towards the updates. Anyway, everyone is excited about the updates and looking forward to them. Hope, the CEO figures out the way to secure the data of its users.