How to Learn Programming in 6 Months and Get Hired?

I know the title is jaw-dropping, and you must be thinking about how is it possible? But trust me it’s possible to learn programming in 6 months and become zero to hero as a programmer. There are many people who’ve already done it and proved it to be possible.

Most of the people choose to learn code and aspire to be the part of the industry. On the contrary, to get your hands on programming, people have a lot of misconceptions on the programmers and learning coding skills. If you are able to avoid this disbelief then, you will become an expert coder in 6 months without a doubt.

Two things need to understand about successful programmers

They are self-taught: Most of the successful programmers are self-taught, i.e., they choose a programming language like Python or Java (Python is mostly recommended because it is extremely high-level language) and start learning about its syntax with reference to documentation or ebook. According to 2018’s stack Overflow Survey, more than 86% of programmers taught themselves coding.

They learn more from online: Successful programmers use more online resources, they sign-up for various online courses for coding. Many programmers prefer to learn Full Stack Developer Bootcamp which includes different languages like HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Java, or SQL.

Myths about Programming and Programmers

  • You maybe thinking it’s not viable to become a coder in 6 months. But you know what, with the on-demand online courses and right strategy will assist you to do it.
  • Many people think best Programmers are the people who started to learn coding at very small age. This myth is okay for some people like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk who started coding at the early age and ended up becoming founders of some giant companies. But it is not applicable for all.
  • People often think if we start coding we need to learn everything about it otherwise we may end up jobless. That’s fairly a false belief, every successful programmer learns elementary 20% of coding and leads to 100% with practice and perseverance.

So, fix your brain by setting the above myths properly and start your journey to achieve coding skills in 6 months.

Let’s start your coding journey

1. Motivate yourself to become a self-taught programmer

This is important, first and foremost motivate yourself to become a self-taught coder. As we discuss above, self-taught programmers are successful and give more options to dive deep into the coding. It will also challenge the coders to research and learn more. Read this article: How to become a good programmer? for self-motivation.

2. Learn HTML and CSS

Just Google it, you will find many resources to learn HTML and CSS online. There are various e-learning sites offering these courses for free and it takes at least 2 weeks to learn completely. Practice few small projects and understand the behavior of the code.

3. Start Javascript, Python (or PHP)

Now, try to pick up Javascript and learn basic syntax. Then, you can start learning other languages like PHP, Python, etc. Take up any online course or use ebook resources to learn these languages. Try to apply the Script to the above HTML and CSS projects to understand the changes.

4. Learn to use StackOverflow and Github

Start using StackOverflow, the community which helps you in any of the coding-related issues. You can find many solutions for the code and errors. Here are a list 5 Best Online Communities for Programmers and Developers.

Build a profile on Github and Start using it. Submit small projects and contribute to open source projects helps you gain more knowledge. Github gives a better understanding of project management and near you to the real-time problems to solve using your coding skills. Here is a list of Top 5 Open Source Projects For Programmers and Developers.

4. Build a portfolio and Linkedin Account

Start creating LinkedIn Profile and connect with people in your domain. Try to be professional in representing profile and sharing content. Buy a domain and set up a website using the HTML, CSS, & javascript which you have learned before. This will give recognition to your skills, So keep it updated and edit if you like to add new skills.

5. Power up your git and command line skills

Try to learn git and command line commands which is very important while developing a project with the team. It will give an added advantage for the coders. Here is a list of Important Git Commands Every Programmer Should Learn.

6. Attend meetups, interviews, and hackathons

Now, start exploring more by attending events on meetups and increase your networking. Try to attend interviews and hackathons as well that will help you in improving your confidence and get hired. Here is a list of Top Programming Contest Websites For Enhancing Your Coding Skills.