Microsoft Adds A New Gaming Feature To Windows 10

Recently, the tech giant Microsoft started to roll out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to PCs. The new fall creators update consist of many interesting features like Windows Mixed Reality and people integration for the taskbar. Its last creator’s update consisted feature like game bar which enhanced our gaming experience so far.

New Gaming Feature – TruePlay

However, Microsoft has quietly added a gaming feature in its Fall Creators update. The new game feature is actually an anti-cheat feature for games and purposely would enhance our gaming experience to further.

The new feature goes by the name TruePlay will help game developers take better control of games and tag it as a protected process. TruePlay is basically a collection of APIs that game developers can employ in their games to detect cheaters.

Well, the new TruePlay feature will also detect and stop outside attacks, including programs that alter game’s memory. Not only these, if cheating is detected, TruePlay can alert the players, it will collect user data and send it to the developer of the game to put on more punitive actions.

However, due to privacy concerns, the TruePlay feature is not turned on by default. Therefore, users need to visit their settings section and then enable the “TruePlay” feature.

In upcoming months, we could expect that games to ship with TruePlay support enabled. Well, the TruePlay feature is only available for Windows Universal Platform games.