Android Oreo: Hoo-Wee! New updated and Altered features

Android Oreo is ready to roll into the users Smartphone. It is already running on Google-owned mobiles. It’s time to know altered features and updates compared to the previous version. Therefore, What’s in it? Let’s check out.

Android is the popular OS with more than 50% users. Any new update or upgrade will make the users stay on the moon. From the beginning version to the latest, Android has created an unknown enthusiasm in the customers. A small release announcement is enough to plummet and loop over the media and audience. So, now Android Oreo sounds big and grabs full attention from the smartizens.

Here, every user is interested in knowing its altered and updated features collate to the previous version. Before its release, with the beta version and Pixel phones – the new features all popped out. Users are not hesitated to like, comment and share in Social media.

Android Oreo new features:


The settings functionality is a bit different compared to the previous version.The change is that similar category options are combined together into one option.For example, wifi, hotspot, mobile etc., are combined into one Option Network and Internet.And it is also included some other options.


Most of the apps had tried to bring this tweak in many android versions, but it is failed.Now, Android Oreo is bringing this feature in-built without any third-party app.With this, you can do whatever while watching the video from Chrome or Youtube.This is going to be very handy and best of the Oreo.

Icons and Emoji:

Android developers making an effort in creating adaptive icons.All they are trying to bring some dynamic and more visual oriented Icons.

New Emoji are rolling into Android Oreo.You heard right, Forget the old blobs and step-into new cartoon Emojis.This new emojis are easy to distinguish – it’s not like blobs where everything looks similar.


Auto-fill is another update which is handy when coming to log in and registering to different apps.It sucks filling user and password always.So, with the auto-fill even the password is also included – will make easy for the users to fill the registration forms.Some of the third-party password managers also given support for Android Oreo.


The new version brings the new font of notification.Battery status is shifted and the notification-shade is white in color.It also displays the background running app, even it is not opened on the display.

Finally, Android Oreo has a plenty of new features to make an impact.Google is very much sure, that Android Oreo is going to be the best version ever.Hereafter, Let’s wait until last month of this year to get Oreo into our phones.Anyway, it makes noise!