Razer has launched the Perfect Wireless Gaming Mouse

The gamers always look for the long lasting wireless mouse. There are some wireless mouse available in the market, where they promise about the long duration but they fail to keep up their promise. Also, for the left handers, it is difficult for them to operate, as the mouse is built for the right handers. So, Razer has launched their perfect wireless gaming mouse named Razor Mamba which is a wireless mouse with the impressive battery life.

This mouse from Razer is a perfect wireless gaming mouse which can be connected to the laptop wirelessly, and it comes with the great level of battery life. The Razer Atheris mouse is featured with the pair of AA batteries from which you will get 350 hours of service which is the great figure in the mouse industry. None of the mice can provide this level of battery life, so the manufacturers claim that this is the perfect gaming mouse for the gamers.

This stat is quite impressive, so if you go with 12 hours of daily usage, then the mouse will run for almost 29 days which is approximately a month of time before both the AA batteries run dry. Also, Razer has their own Adaptive Frequency technology which helps this mouse to run on 2.4 GHz wireless connection without any lags. The Adaptive Frequency Technology can be operated via a small USB dongle. If the laptop doesn’t have USB ports, then the mouse can be connected through Bluetooth LE for the devices which support Bluetooth.

Another highlighting feature of the Razer Atheris is the design of this mouse, which enables the left handers to use this device just like the right handers can use it. The optical sensor comes with the sensitivity of 16,000 dpi which is the great industry figure. It has Adjustable Click Force Technology, Dual gaming grade wired/wireless technology, Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips and Chroma lighting with true 16.8 million customizable color options

The mouse comes with the six buttons which can be programmed individually. Also, the mouse is boasted with the “gaming-grade” scroll wheel which is loaded with the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment which is essential for the serious gamers.

The mouse weighs 125g without the battery loaded in the mouse, the height of the mouse is 42mm, and it measures 128 x 70mm. The price of the mouse is near to the $150 to $180 which can be purchased from the Razer’s store directly.

So, with all these features the Atheris mouse can be handy for the serious gamers. The battery life is pretty long-lasting which supports almost a month of use without changing the batteries. The interesting feature of this peripheral is that the left handers can use it similar to the right handers. The sensitivity of this mouse is impressive too.

The mouse has six buttons and the gaming-grade scroll which can be useful for the gamers who likes to use the mouse for the serious gaming. Also, the Atheris mouse from Razer can be connected via Bluetooth to the devices which don’t have USB ports on their laptops. Overall, the mouse from Razer is very impressive and certainly the perfect gaming mouse for the gamers.