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Elon Musk Acquires from PayPal

Elon-Musk is one of the most valuable and few single letter .com domain. Earlier was a financial services company co-founded by Elon Musk. was part of the predecessor of PayPal. The domain was under control of from PayPal since then.

We recently saw a Whois change involving the domain name. was registered under PayPal Inc for many years. On July 3, 2017, we saw that the Whois info of went private from public, and the domain name was transferred to GoDaddy. It was clear that PayPal sold the domain, back then it was a private transfer.

Amanda Miller, Director of Corporate Communications at PayPal, confirmed that the company sold the domain name.
We are delighted to sell the domain back to its previous owner, Elon Musk.

The purchase price of was not revealed, it is evident many of the premium domain deal prices are not released to the public. Most probably the price must be in a million dollars.

Also, read Best Hacking Movies That You Should Watch has no website right now, so it is not clear what Elon Musk has planned for the domain name. Maybe in future, he might be using it for SpaceX will simply become X. The domain name will be used for its website?

Andrew Rosener from Media Options said that his company acted as the domain broker in this deal, although he did not share the price of the deal.

Elon Musk just tweeted about the acquisition:


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