How Android Media Picker is Changing the Face of WordPress

Today, it’s easier than ever to create your own personal or professional website. Online publishing software and content management systems (CMS) offer an easy way for even the tech illiterate to get their voice on the Internet.

WordPress is currently the most widely used self-hosting tool online, powering over one-quarter of all web traffic, with over 500 new sites created each day, although many organizations also use a managed WordPress hosting service as a cost-effective approach to keeping their platform secure.

Security Updates

WordPress recently released their 4.7.3 update, which in addition to fixing several security issues and cross-site scripting errors, also includes features designed to improve the user’s experience. Users can quickly browse through comments with infinite scroll and keep track of conversations with improved comment notifications. Previously unsupported formats such as TIFF files can also now be converted into an acceptable format when uploading to make the process easier. But perhaps the most significant upgrade to WordPress is the introduction of their new Media Picker, launched in May this year for Android users.

A Better Browsing Experience

Android users know that the WordPress interface can be a bit clunky on mobile devices, especially when it comes to uploading and organizing media. The site has gotten rid of its “seven-item menu,” which was notoriously difficult for users to navigate due to confusing and often overly complicated menu options. While something as simple as saving a photograph used to be a headache, the new WordPress Media Picker streamlines the entire process for both new and experienced users.

Easier Media Management

Android Media Picker allows you to browse your media library, view and select recent photos, and even take a picture from your phone or tablet, all through the WordPress mobile service. Whereas before users might have to navigate through multiple apps to update their blog or website, they can now save time by doing it all in just a few clicks.  Instantly access your camera, photo albums, or other media files using a simple drop-down menu. This makes it easier to keep followers posted in real time and without delay, and to keep your work organized between updates.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

Android Media Picker makes is easy to manage the WordPress app from your phone, tablet, or any other mobile device that runs on the Android platform. With a working internet connection, users can read comments, connect with their followers, and post updates from anywhere with ease, while the camera function allows them to upload pictures the instant you take them. Media Picker is expected to make it easier for bloggers, business owners, and other online entrepreneurs to manage their website whenever and wherever they need to.