Mobile Gaming Trends for 2016

Mobile gaming is an ever-evolving part of the gaming industry and is often seen as the future. The devices we find so easy to carry around with us are growing ever more powerful, and are seeing improvements through the innovations added to the operating systems they run on.

Whether you are using an iOS device, or Android there are some trends expected to be seen in 2016 which will affect your gaming experience. Whether you like to play on platforms like Fruity King or take part in the many free-to-play games like Candy Crush, things are set to improve for the better in 2016.

Game Publishers Setting Their Eyes on Mobile Gaming

If there is one thing that we can expect, it is for more of the traditional game publishers to turn their eyes to mobile gaming. Nintendo has already confirmed that they are doing this, and Konami has been moving many of their franchises into this area of gaming. With many of the popular Triple-A games also providing mobile counterparts of the games for our enjoyment.

To see the proof of publisher’s interest in mobile gaming we just have to look to King, the maker of Candy Crush. Activision bought the company for $5.9 billion with an eye to moving into the mobile gaming world, and are seeing a lot of success from it. Other examples of this success include Hitman GO and Fallout Shelter which also connect to other major franchises.

Android will Find More Success

Google always have an eye on gaining more of the mobile market, and this is expected to grow in 2016. With moves into China, this will extend the use of Google Play and cement Android as even more of a legitimate contender to Apple’s market share.

Console Market Weakening

This is something we hear every year, but there are signs that the dominance of the console market is beginning to weaken. With the need for more and more performance gains, and the consoles failing to keep up it is fair to say that gamers eyes will look for other sources. This may not be just the mobile market, though, but to the PC as well.

Whether these trends do a show in 2016 or not, what cannot be ignored is the power of mobile gaming. Whatever your taste in games, the choice of titles grows and the technology gets even better. This is something that will continue well into the future.