+46771793336 Is Now The Official Phone number of Sweden

Call in Sweden can be anything, but to call Sweden itself – is another matter. From now on, you can do so without any problems because the country gets its official phone number. By calling the number +46771793336, you can chat with a randomly selected resident of Sweden to a whole any topic. As you learn more about local nature, food, traditions, but you can talk about politics, sports, fashion and science.

+46771793336 – The Official Phone number of Sweden

This initiative came up with members of the Swedish Tourist Board, and the launch of this phone number was timed to celebrate the 250th anniversary from the time when Sweden became the first country in which the abolition of censorship. Indeed, one must possess the considerable courage to open up their phone lines for the curious strangers who want to learn about Sweden anymore.

the call can only be answered by those residents who installed the mobile app on their smartphones. To become an official of the country, the program participants will be required to register with the service and agree to all its terms. Official Swedish phone number +46771793336. – it’s a great opportunity for travelers and tourists to learn a lot about this wonderful country . The main thing – do not forget that the cost of international calls has not been canceled, and for talks with Sweden you need to know either Swedish or English.