Taranis: the future of warfare!

The future of warfare is terrifying with the ability to drop bombs on targets a continent away can be a huge tactical advantage. And if this can be done at a supersonic speed what can be more amazing than that. Named after the badass Celtic God of Thunder, the Taranis drone happens to be one of the most accurate drones in production with a speed of more than 700 miles of an hour.

In a 2013 UN report, the development of the Taranis, with specific mention to its automatic features, has been mentioned as “shrouded in secrecy.” So far, the Taranis’ capabilities remain more or less unknown to the masses, which is why it has ruffled the feathers of certain ethicists.

While the Taranis has not been deployed to date, and the UK military has not drawn up plans to ensure it ends up as part of its official fleet, it currently enjoys the status of a demonstrator. A demonstrator in this instance allows it to be used to test technologies which might see action in future aircraft.

The Taranis project is led by BAE Systems, and also involves Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation Systems, QinetiQ and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). As the prime contractor, BAE Systems is responsible for the overall programme, and also for many of the component technologies, including stealth technology, systems integration and system control infrastructure.

Some of the general characteristics of the Taranis drone have been unveiled. It has a length of 12.43 m and a Wingspan spreading 10 m. It is 4 m high and has a Rolls-Royce Adour Moderate by-pass ratio turbofan engine. As far as arms are concerned, it has 2 internal missile bay provisions.

BAE claims that the Taranis is capable of “undertaking sustained surveillance, marking targets, gathering intelligence, deterring adversaries, and carrying out strikes in hostile territory.” Don’t be surprised as all of this will be done under the supervision of a human operator. Therefore, if you see a UFO streaking across the sky in the near future, then don’t think that it’s an alien. As it’s just the future of warfare!