5 Ways to Measure the Success of Mobile Apps ​

As an app developer, app discovery is very important to you. The greater the success of your app, the more you are likely to make money from it. However, finding out just how successful your app has been, can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to go about measuring your success.

How to Measure the Success of Mobile Apps?

The good news is that there are various ways that you can measure the success of your mobile apps. Consider the following 5 metrics:

1. Acquisition metrics

This allows you to measure the number of downloads your app is receiving. Having a large number of downloads is your goal. This metric can also help you understand where users are discovering your application. Knowing this can help you improve how you market your app.

2.Behavior metrics

This lets you measure the app user’s general behaviour. For instance, you can find out the device and locations from which the user operates your app, as well as how frequently and how long the user operates the app, and the usage actions related to the app.

3.Engagement metrics

Engagement matrics

This metric is split up into four parts: active users, session lengths, goals completed, and user loyalty. For instance, an active user is generally considered to be one that has used the app over 5 times, and session lengths refers to how long the user spent with the app.

4.Quality metrics

This calculates the app’s quality by measuring factors such as manual user feedback (users should have the option to provide this feedback), automatic crash report (you should be notified about the issue via email), and reviews left at the app store. Positive reviews are important.

5.Retention metrics

This metric is very important because it not only measures the popularity of the app, but also includes two sub-metrics: Retention Rate and Life Time Value. Retention rate is measured in terms of percentage and refers to the number of users that your app has managed to retain over a period of time. If your app has a high retention rate, it will also have a high average life time value because the app’s users are long lasting.