Xiaomi Mi Blutooth Band – Smart Fitness Tracker Bracelet Watch

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Are you a sports addict? Or mere fitness freak, who is always conscious about their escalating calorie intake and simultaneous burn out? Then folks Xiaomi’s latest calorie tracker wrist band will blow you out in delight. This Xiaomi Mi blutooth band has magical powers to track down your calorie exhaustion along with regulation of your sleep-wake cycle and maintaining a perfect link up with your mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mi Blutooth Band Features

Some of the magnetic attributes of this product which cajole its valuable customers are enlisted hereto

  1. Tracking down your extra Calories:

Special calorie recorded makes your life even healthier than before. Once your are conjoined with this Millet (MI) bracelet, it will record your daily distance travelled, via sensitive motion sensor soft ware, and will eventually convert in into Kilo-Cal, deducted from your body.

2. Auto Sleep monitoring:

Mi Blutooth band meticulously keeps into account your sleep time duration and wakes you up via vibration like a dedicated mother just at the prime moment when your optimal sleep cycle is successfully accomplished.

3. Substitute clock service:

It has inbuilt analog clock, which can also be switched into digital one, so outnumbering the use to wrist watch. Moreover its tools are all water resistant.

4. Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery:

This super energy savors battery, which can sustain charge for as long as 30 days.

5. Phone patch up:

You can efficiently connect the MI Bluetooth Band with you MI phone via its super sensitive Bluetooth device aided with an app. When the phone is within 1.5 meters diameter reach of the band, you can unlock the phone at once. Moreover it will give you alarms regarding special client calls or birthday remainders, once you prefix these things into its memory. It is also compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0.

Pros of this amusement clock

  1. Whether you are exercising at gym or simply taking casual laps in your office corridor, Mi blutooth band will take into account of every thing and will keep your calories in check.
  2. It will help you to socialize via giving you birthday and anniversary alerts of your near and dear ones.
  3. Save guard your optimal sleep. Such that you don’t feel stress out.
  4. If you’re bored out of its monochromatic black rubber band, then you have numerous options of substitute eye popping color bands
  5. Mi blutooth band is unisex, so you can easily exchange the watch with your partner, to fight against monotony.


Sometimes, but not frequently the Bluetooth device fails to connect the MI Bluetooth band with your cell phone. In that case you need to reinstall the Bluetooth app and deleted any other pre-paired device. Other than this, no strong pessimistic reviews are yet registered.


It is an excellent device to aid you in your journey from fat to fit. It will always keep you updated and will maintain through sync with your phone. So go for a fresh experiment and invest in this hi-tech device and don’t forget to stay in touch with it.

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