Google competes with Apple with Android pay

Google has made Android Pay, its mobile payments system, accessible at several million places in America.
Technology firms want to convince shoppers to make use of their handsets, rather than plastic cards, to buy purchases. Android Pay can be utilized with smartphones that have near field communication (NFC) capacity and Google’s KitKat 4.4 operating system. It’s going to enable users to save loyalty cards, along with their credit card details on their mobiles as well as other information. While new users can download it in the Google Play app store in the coming days, existing users of the Google Wallet program can get Android Pay via an upgrade. Retailers including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Subway are to take part initially in Android Pay.

Google to introduce android pay

After in 2013, it’s going to expand it’s services to cellular checkouts in a few programs. Rather than passing users credit card details into a retailer, both Google and Apple systems create a token so that the specific information isn’t shown over the course of a trade, cutting back the threat of data theft.
Samsung launched its mobile wallet service, phoned Samsung Pay, in South Korea last month.
It is going to be accessible in the United States from 28 September, with nations including China, Spain and the united kingdom to follow. As of now google is yet to declare its services worldwide.