Fantastic 4 inspired human torch drone

These are not embellishments, but rather a genuine Human Torch drone ablaze. For every one of the devotees of the Human Torch, this special Human Torch drone feature is a treat. With the new Fantastic Four just about to be released, this drone could not have come at a better time and has clearly stolen all the glances in the tech market.


Fantastic Four is discharging this week, and the Viral Video Agency Thinkmodo has thought of an insane yet splendid automaton trick of the reel life saint The Human Torch to blend up the group of onlookers. The feature was shot in the protected space in New York of the Nassau Country’s Fire Service Academy, with 10 firefighters alongside their full apparatus on the off chance that a possibility needed.


Thinkmodo has beforehand performed “Flying People in New York City” stunts with human automatons. To indent up the trick, this time the group included fire and took the trick out and out to another level with this Human Torch Drone.

Michael Krivicka, Thinkmodo prime supporter gave her statement on this, saying it took a considerable measure of testing on the grounds that they needed to locate the right material to do it with. A unique pyro professional needed to make sense of how to coat the flying machine so it smolders in a manner that the human shape peruses well rather than it resembling a major blazing ball.

Clearly the video speaks for itself and testifies this amazing drone’s capability. Just another wonder has come to life.

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