AsusZenPad S 8.0 Review, Affordable Tablet in 2015

AsusZenPad S 8.0 Complete Review

Asus newest tablet with the latest and greatest features is maintaining a pretty affordable price.

Design: The two things you will notice when picking up AsusZenPad S 8.0. First, it is a little tablet. S 8.0 is only an 8-inch screen, it definitely helps little more portable and easy to bring along somewhere. Second, this tablet is really thin of 6.6mm in thickness. This makes a comfortable 8-inch screen, really keeps things from being too bulky.

       On the back, the tablet has a nice elegant look with Asus logo on the middle and camera on an extreme top corner. The bottom of the table holding horizontally we have a soft touch leather material that feels nice when holding. The entire border of the tablet is made of a soft material also makes the tablet more comfortable.


Intel Atom Z3580,


Comes in three storage options 16 GB or 32 GB or 64GB,

This is the world’s first tablet with 4GB RAM,

Available in Black and White,

Doesn’t Connect to cellular service, WiFi is the only option to use.

Display: AsusZenPad S 8.0 has a beautiful 8-inch 2K IPS display at a resolution of 1536*2048, viewing angles are fantastic. Colors are very nice, by default they are very accurate. If you want more saturation you can easily adjust them by in the pre-installed ASUS app

Software: The AsusZenPad S 8.0 is running Android Lollipop with ASUS skin called ZenUI. ZenUI is one of the best stock Android in the present market. Notification draw is pretty good. ZenUI is pre-loaded with tons of uninstallable apps. The UI comes with a lot of great features which is interesting. Touch gesture you can draw letters while the screen is off to launch your apps. In motion gesture, you can do things like shaking the tablet to take a screenshot.

Camera: The 5MP front camera and Rear facing 8 Megapixel camera are capable of taking good pictures, but only in specific situations. It does tend to overexpose a lot. This tablet could be perfect for those who use tablets for selfies.

Performance: This 8.0 has 4,000Mhz battery a bit smaller than most of the high-end tablets out there. This device has good and pretty decent battery life. It can easily run 6 hours of on-screen.

Bottom Line: This AsusZenPad S 8.0 is everything a tablet in 2015 should be with dual front-facing stereo speakers, 4GB RAM, 2K Display, extremely customizable UI and it’s USB type C connector. Asus did an amazing job, this tablet has latest and greatest features. Out of the Box, this tablet exceeds expectations. For 299 USD, this device is worth picking and affordable tablet in 2015.

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