Dell’s latest rough-tough tablet

On the off chance that your run of the mill day includes sparing somebody’s life or trekking around an icy mass, a normal tablet may be a bit… dainty. That is the reason Dell has quite recently buttressed its Rugged arrangement with a just took the ribbon off new model, the Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet.

The organization is pitching it as an extreme tablet, saying it is intended for execution and dependability in the harshest conditions. Specifically, it’ll handle spills, mud, clean and sand, drops from more than four feet, temperatures between – 20 and 145 degrees F and even a dangerous climate. As such, Dell sees it as perfect for the military, crisis reaction groups, mechanical work and adventuring.

You can utilize the multi-touch screen with work gloves and effortlessly see the 11.6-inch HD screen in brilliant daylight. It has “quad-cooling” warmth administration, and it is very intense. In any case, that is all superfluous in the event that it’s a lousy tablet, so Dell furnished it with fifth gen Intel Core CPUs, Windows 8.1, 12 hours max battery life and up to 512GB of strong state memory availability.


There’s additionally a discretionary full-sized console spread and vehicle/work area docks that join by means of a tough “pogo-pin” interface. So to what extent? Dell hasn’t declared estimating yet, yet clearly there’s a substantial premium to be paid for such gadgets – its Latitude 12 Rugged portable PC with an Intel Core i3 CPU and 4GB of RAM runs $3,649, for occurrence. Still, equal gadgets are additionally pricey, and on the off chance that you require it, you require it, price means no bar.