Davon Ray- S: Powerful dwarf speakers

A large portion of the most loved floor-standing top of the line speakers are enormous and tall, however the Davone Ray-S sits low to the floor – it is unimportantly 29 inches high mounted on its steel stand. The Ray-S is an altogether present day with really rich configuration.


This wide position magnificence is carefully assembled in Denmark; it’s a three-route plan with a 8-inch woofer, 4-inch midrange and 1-inch tweeter dwelling in a 16-layer beechwood bureau. The speaker’s backside is secured in bona fide cowhide calfskin, and there’s a huge bass port and a brilliant speaker wire connector on the back confuse. The speaker and stand together measure 59.5 pounds, and it’s a 4-ohm-impedance outline.

The Ray-S is a noteworthy redesign over the first yet generally indistinguishable Davone Ray, which was a two-way outline. According to the popular majority feedback yet received, the Ray-S is a vastly improved sounding speaker. I’m certain the Ray-S will sound fine in tolerably extensive rooms, yet with some penance to its greatest volume potential. The Ray-S is a perfect little condo speaker for very much heeled audiophiles.


Whatever is left of the framework comprised of a Rega RP6 turntable($1,495) with a Dynavector 20xiiL cartridge ($950), and a Line Magnetic 216IA tube incorporated intensifier ($1,950), which is a great deal less lavish than originally suspected.


The Davone Ray-S speaker runs $8,600 per pair, and it’s not their most-extravagant speaker. Davone costs begin with the $2,095-per-pair Mojos – those are stupendous little speakers! They’re omnidirectional, so they anticipate sound forward and out to the sides. The sound output of Mojos has been greatly appreciated.