This pocket bluetooth speaker doubles as a flashlight/charger

The most impressive benefits of the outdoor tech buckshot pro is pocket-size water-safe convenient bluetooth speaker that joins a separable lighting part and can likewise be utilized to charge your cell phone. It offers an above-normal 10 hours of battery life and accompanies a bike handlebar mount adornment.


The bad side is that it is still really thin; a bit lavish for what it is. The bottom line it may not be a stable awesome, but rather the buckshot pro is an adaptable minimal remote speaker.

In the previous couple of months we’ve checked on a few modest bluetooth speakers, some superior to others. What’s fascinating about outdoor tech’s buckshot pro is that it retails for $80 and comes in various shading choices. Notwithstanding being a pocket-size water-safe (ipx5) remote speaker, the buckshot pro can likewise be utilized as a usb charger for your telephone and an electric lamp, it comes outfitted with a separable led light. Too bad, it’s right now not accessible outside the us.


The speaker/light combo works as a spotlight or you can strap it onto your bicycle’s handlebars and utilize it as a bicycle light. I wouldn’t say the light is all that solid, don’t anticipate that it will totally enlighten the street before you, however there’s a strobe mode that at any rate permits this to fill in as a safety-light while riding.


Beforehand, outdoor tech made a littler adaptation of this speaker, the buckshot. While the two speaker have the same barrel shaped outline that is reminiscent of shotgun shell, this speaker is a touch greater than that model, measuring 6.7 ounces or 190 grams and now incorporates an aloof bass port for greater sound quality. Also, battery life has enhanced to 10 hours, which is great when you consider a ton of these miniaturized scale speakers convey 5-7 hours of battery life.

The bass on the prior buckshot model was thin keeping in mind this doesn’t precisely pack a great deal of low-end oomph, the bass has actually been increased a bit and the speaker sounds better general and plays a touch louder, however it mutilates when you maximize the volume. At last, while the sound is ok for speaker this small, you can show signs of improvement and more volume from contending miniaturized scale bluetooth speakerssuch as the jbl clip plus, sol republic punk, logitech x100 or the sony srs-x11.


Be that as it may, those models don’t have an inherent light, usb charging port or bicycle handlebar mount. The main thing missing with the buckshot pro is speakerphone abilities, which may genuine prove to be useful on the off chance that you needed to accept a call while you were riding your bicycle.