Track your kids with MediaTek 361 smart shoes

Not at all like usual fitness trackers and different wearables, it is really difficult to overlook your shoes when you go out. Which makes shoes a really cunning spot to put a GPS tracker on the off chance that you need to screen the whereabouts of your friends and family – so we should venture into the 361 brilliant shoe for children, fueled by MediaTek innovations.

To make the shoe, Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek has given the pack to 361, a noteworthy Chinese shoe maker. The savvy shoe will go discounted in China in the following month; a MediaTek representative said the cost will associate with 500 yuan. Other parts of the world will not find it on sale, however to give you a thought that is generally £50, $80 or AU$100.


Inside the shoe is a MediaTek Aster processor with 4MB of RAM and a GPS chip, recording the shoe’s whereabouts and radiating the data to an application in your phone. You can then see on your phone where your tyke is. Conceivable components that could be added to the application incorporates geoboundaries, which send a caution when the wearer moves out of a preset region.

This first form of the smart shoe is gone for little kids, with fun, energetic hues on a stout tennis shoe plan. The shoes are charged without expecting to be connected to – kids simply pull them off and plonk them on a fun brilliant remote charging cushion. The chip inside isn’t a tremendous force channel, so the 520mAh battery will last two or three days. Conceivably, this brilliantly smart innovation could be utilized in different shoes, maybe intended for seniors or other at-danger individuals for whom it would be valuable if family or guardians could screen their developments.


The most evident concern is security. Whenever one gadget sends data to another, that information is conceivably helpless against being captured. Folks confront a particularly present day issue: would you rather confront the dangers of not knowing where your children are, or the danger that others may have the capacity to get to that information as well?

A few pursuers might likewise have worries about the protection of the individual; maybe not an issue with little youngsters, who need to be checked at all times, yet to a greater extent a worry with more seasoned kids or seniors who merit a level of independence.The 361 savvy shoes were at display in Mobile World Congress, the yearly exchange show where the portable business accumulates to hotshot its products. With a savvy cap and brilliant socks likewise disclosed, it won’t be much sooner than you can assemble an entire shrewd outfit.