Secure yourself from phishing attacks using this Google tool

Google’s constructed another arrangement in the battle against phishing. The free Password Alert Chrome extension keeps track of where you enter your Google account secret key and alarms you when you’ve entered it somewhere other than

This does two things: it keeps you from re-utilizing your Google secret password on different locales, and it ensures you in the event that you’ve entered your watchword on a site that is professing to be Google to gather your private data, a practice otherwise called phishing.


For a snappy groundwork, phishing is the point at which a gathering or individual postures as a genuine organization or association to get your delicate data, for example, passwords, standardized savings numbers or credit card  numbers. In a phishing assault, you may get an email from somebody putting on a show to be Google requesting that you write in your record subtle elements on a pernicious site.

If you somehow managed to enter your Google watchword on that site, Password Alert will demonstrate a message telling you that “Your Gmail secret key was simply presented to a non-Gmail page” and that you ought to change your password instantly. This message shows up when you wrap up the last character in your secret password, and it lives up to expectations whether you’re needing another record or essentially attempting to log in into a non-Google site.

Password Alert is anything but difficult to situated up and utilization. Here’s the way to begin:

  • Install the Password Alert expansion from the Chrome Web Store.
  • The expansion will incite you to enter your username and password for your Google record, regardless of the fact that you’re as of now logged in.
  • After you enter that data, Password Alert will begin observing where you enter your Google secret password.


At the point when Password Alert is empowered, you’ll see a caution at whatever point you enter your Google or Gmail password anyplace outside of Google. You can decide to disregard it, on the off chance that you know you’ve entered your secret word on a sheltered site (like Amazon or Facebook), or snap the connection to reset your secret key.

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