Rombertik: The most deadly virus for your PC

Digital culprits and security analysts confront one another every day in an endless fight. Both are two sides of a solitary coin – one tries to make unsafe projects and malware, and the other one attempts to discover better approaches to secure the systems and frameworks. The dangers confronted by the security frameworks keeps on advancing every day. Recently many new kind of cyber- attacks have surfaced and here is another late sample of such conduct – a malware named Rombertik.


This malware is distinguished by Cisco and they shared the data about this PC wrecking malware on their Talos Group blog. Rombertik is made to catch any content entered as an info in a program window. As per Cisco, this is presently being spread through phishing and spam messages.


In the event that the Rombertik malware is investigated on a framework, it wrecks PC’s expert boot record (MBR). It peruses client’s qualifications and other individual information and passes it to the assailant. This is like Dyre that was intended to gather the managing an account data. The extent of Rombertik is much more extensive and it gathers information from a wide range of sites.

As specified above, Rombertik is spread through phishing and spam messages. The aggressor could send the malware to its objective utilizing different social networking strategies or email. On the off chance that the objective decides to download the connected archives, on unfastening, the objective sees a record resembling an archive thumbnail, yet it is a .SCR executable document containing the destructive Rombertik.


When the record is clicked, Rombertik begins its execution. It does a few verifies whether it is running inside the sandbox. After this, it introduces itself inside the objective framework and around 97% of the unloaded document looks authentic. To avoid the applications attempting to follow it, it begins composing 960 million arbitrary bytes to the memory. Along these lines, if any application tries to identify the malware, it would be overwhelmed with more that 100GB log documents.


Subsequent to affirming that it isn’t running inside the sandbox, it figures a 32-bit hash. At that point it dispatches the assault against the Master Boot Record of your framework and makes it close about difficult to restore the drive.

On the off chance that it is not able to play with the Master Boot Record, it decimates all records in client’s home envelope i.e.C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator utilizing a RC 4 key.


Cisco says that Rombertik is a perplexing bit of multi-layered malware. Clients must take after great efforts to establish safety like keeping their virus protections upgraded, maintaining a strategic distance from snaps on connections from obscure sources and taking more strong consideration while managing messages. Cisco has likewise said some security items to keep the clients from such dangers.