Google’s new invention of Android OS called Brillo

Google is developing a new OS called Brillo specially built for low-power devices that connects Internet. According to the Project Low powered devices such as 64 or 32 megabytes of RAM containing devices. Google releases this software under the android band where latest versions are mainly supported to mobile phones with at least 512 megabytes of memory.


This technology makes it easier for the companies to manufacture smart home appliances such as smart fridges, light bulbs and many more. Reason behind this is it owns Nest-Labs, the company that makes smart thermostats, smoke alarms and security cameras for the home. If most smart home devices run on the Brillo OS, this would give a big gateway to Google which can capture the entire user’s day to day information.


The Brillo operating system makes much easier for developers to build IOT devices. As yet there is no universal operating system for the Internet of Things and smart device and also designers must build their own software for each product they produce. Brillo could bring a range of different devices together and make it easy for them to communicate with each other on a single platform.


Google has been developing technology to extend its software for smartphones to smaller, low-powered devices which can connect to the Web, particularly in people’s homes.

Google as the ‘invisible backbone of tomorrow’s smart home’. The new Brillo OS will be revealed at the Google’s I/O developer’s conference which starts in San Francisco on May 28.