Microsoft’s Surface 3: The must have tablet

Microsoft invigorated the Surface Pro 3 almost a year back. The Surface 2, be that as it may, has been sitting tight since late 2013 for an equipment upgrade. Presently it is conclusive that at long last it has gotten one.

Today, Microsoft uncovered the all-new Surface 3. It’s not a gimpy cousin of the bigger Surface Pro 3, either. It’s more like a younger sibling now that Microsoft has moved to an Intel Atom processor in the engine and jettisoned the disabled Windows RT for all out Windows 8.1 complete with free Windows 10 update. Yes, the Surface 3 can run applications from the Windows Store and Steam, GOG, or whatever other download websites that are available without the requirement for an escape.


The extent that looks go, the Surface 3 is all that much like a downsized Pro. It’s got the same magnesium body and the same kickstand on the back, ensuring what hides underneath its 10.8-inch 1080p touchscreen. That incorporates at least 64GB of internal capacity and 2GB of RAM. There’s additionally a beefed-up model that accompanies 128GB and 4GB of RAM. Everything has been packed into a bundle that is only 8.7mm dainty and weighs just under a pound and a half.


Much the same as its enormous sibling, you can cut in a touch spread (in dark, maroon, red, purple, or blue). The Surface pen doesn’t come standard, however you’ll have the capacity to include one that matches all the spreads with the exception of purple on the off chance that you have to do any outlining or writing. Microsoft is additionally offering a docking station for the Surface 3, a first for the non-Pro form.


The Surface 3 additionally gets a couple of goodies that its enormous sibling doesn’t. For one thing, it needn’t bother with an exceptional force connector. It charges by means of a micro USB port, much the same as any conventional tablet does. You’ll likewise have the capacity to get a Surface 3 with a discretionary LTE modem, something Microsoft hasn’t offered for the Pro models yet.


Charmed by its features? You can’t purchase the Surface 3 fair yet. Microsoft will give you a chance to attempt one out in one of their retail locations soon, and they’re as of now taking preorders. On May fifth, it authoritatively goes at a bargain beginning at $499 lining it straight up against an iPad Air 2 with an irrelevant 16GB of capacity.