Hue Go takes portable lights to a whole new level

It’s a great job Philips chose to hold up until April second to report the Hue Go compact light, as should be obvious many individuals addressing whether this is a joke or not.

The Hue Go is fundamentally a convenient dish of light. It’s a remote savvy light that can be controlled with a cell phone or tablet to switch between “five licensed new element light impacts,” and additionally connecting with more than 200 outsider applications.


Philips accepts you’ll need to move the Hue Go round the house. At the point when completely charged it will help light a territory for three hours, and in the event that you don’t have a cell phone or tablet to hand, there’s a switch for changing the lighting impact on the gadget.


You have the choice of warm white light or cool sunlight and additionally those licensed element impacts (light hues) which Philips has named Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. Obviously, there’s likewise the choice to make your own light shading utilizing the Hue application.


In the event that a dish of light isn’t sufficient for you, the Hue Go can likewise be classed as a smart one. It can be setup to inform you around another email, change the light yield taking into account climate reports, or be utilized to upgrade TV viewing or amusement playing by alterably changing shading in view of what’s going on screen. You should do nothing more than find an application that makes it do an option that is other than simply light.


The Hue Go is not waterproof, so while you can take it outside you won’t have any desire to do as such on the off chance that it is raining or spill a beverage on it. What’s more, you will be watchful with it on the grounds that every Hue Go is going to cost $100. Philips is situated to discharge it on the US showcase in June, however Europe gets it not long from now.