Be ready to shake hands with aliens in next 20-30 years

So many theories have been proposed regarding how the human world will be transformed in the future. Whether a robo-war will happen or alien species will plan an invasion. We’re in a race, don’t you know. Furthermore, the last recommendation is heading up quick on the rails.

I am moved to this commended level of fervor by the articulations of NASA’s boss researcher Ellen Stofan. She pronounced recently that we are yet a score of years from making one of humankind’s most prominent discoveries, that is, a nearby experience with outsider life.


At the point when NPR reported this, opinions of many critics started pouring out again. Many of them suspected that they will have to prepare to change their life arrangements and revoke responsibilities for whatever is left of their days so as to be prepared for the following incredible impending.

At that point Ellen clarified that NASA is not discussing minuscule green men but are discussing little organisms, may be at microscopic level. However, the event that, as NASA predicts, there will be “unmistakable proof” of outsider life inside 20 to 30 years. While this might seem a very small claim to make but its impact cannot be underestimated. We all know that life form on Earth, as we know it, has taken millions of years to evolve and it all started with microscopic organisms.

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I am, however, suspicious of these 20-year forecasts. Just a year ago, the radio wire headed boffins at the Search For Terrestrial Intelligence announced that they too would discover outsiders inside that period. Recently, Stofan demanded: “We know where to look. We know what to look like.” Yes, we have the innovation.

It’s not as though mankind has made unlimited advance in different zones. We’re foaming at the armpits about watches. We’re battling with the least complex thoughts, for example, marriage, war and keeping spaghetti sauce from dribbling on our T-shirts. We’re truly primitive things, truly.

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So if these couple of cunning individuals can truly summon solid confirmation of life past our own, we ought to fill support their ventures for carrying out the same. Should they surely discover confirmation, we may at any rate quit our diabolical behavior and look rather up to the stars for trust.