ARC Pen to aid Parkinson’s patients in writing

It is a perfect blend when technology meets health. The new gadgets hitting the market not only help track one’s fitness level but also help alleviate the health meter of those stricken by diseases and have absolutely no escape. Another vibrating pen may be the way to enhancing the composition of individuals who have Parkinson’s sickness.


Formed by British plan firm Dopa Solution, the ARC pen tries to determine the engine control challenges that Parkinson’s patients run into when they compose, as indicated by a story distributed Monday by Wired UK. In particular, a considerable lot of those with Parkinson’s experience the ill effects of a penmanship issue known as micrographia. This condition prompts minute and more confined penmanship as the individual keeps on writing.


“We heard stories of how baffling it was for individuals who were all the while working, or who needed to compose a card, sign reports, anything that needed to do with drawing letters on a piece on paper,” ARC item originator Lucy Jung told Wired UK.


To battle micrographia, the ARC pen utilizes high-recurrence vibration to animate the muscles in the hand. That makes it less demanding for somebody to move the pen, which brings about bigger and clearer composition, as per Wired UK. The ARC pen is likewise thicker and preferable planned over the normal pen, so individuals with Parkinson’s can keep up a firmer and more agreeable hold on it.


In a starting trial including 14 individuals with Parkinson’s, the innovative pen enhanced written work 86 percent of the time. At this time, the ARC pen is still in the testing stage. In any case, Dopa Solutions is looking for supporters to help further its improvement. The organization is likewise looking to apply its vibration innovation to different items to help those with Parkinson’s.


“As our hypothesis of utilizing vibration lives up to expectations for different instruments, it could be used in make-up apparatuses, brushes, PC mice and different devices,” Jung said.