Two wheels = skateboard. That’s the new definition!

At the point when an item appears on the pages of the Hammacher Schlemmer list, you know its certain to be exciting. The Post Modern Skateboard absolutely fits that portrayal. You may practically perceive the absence of similarity to a skateboard as we know it. This item comprises of two 10-inch round wheels with foot stages inside. That’s it.


A superior depiction would be “annular skates.” “Annular” simply means ring-molded or shaped like a ring. “Skates” is clear as crystal. Forward development is made by inclining side to side, a process that seems as though it would take some practice. An extendable pole is incorporated to interface the two skates together for simpler learning. This will definetly give an extra edge of much needed practice to run on this pair of skates but once you master it, they are all you will need for short distance travels.

An exhibit feature shows honed riders cruising down walkways, making tight twists and moving over grass yards. The $99.95 (about £68, AU$131) Post Modern Skateboard is by all accounts more profoundly similar to a caster board than to a skateboard. A caster board is a two-wheeled, human-controlled vehicle with a board that pivots in the core. The serpentine movement needed to get it to move looks a considerable measure like what’s expected to push the Post Modern Skateboard.


This may prompt some profound philosophical inquiries. Is it truly a skateboard on the off chance that it has no board? Why isn’t it accessible in sparkling “Tron” hues? Will it ever be acknowledged at the X-Games? The Post Modern Skateboard might never turn into the sensation rollerblades were in the late ’80s, however it could turn into the ideal vehicle for communicating your postmodern individual transportation tension.