The Lollipop upgraded: Android 5.1 is here

The main significant overhaul to Android 5.0 Lollipop is here. Google recently declared that form 5.1 is taking off now to bolstered gadgets including Motorola’s Nexus 6 and HTC’s Nexus 9. The product overhaul “enhances strength and execution and offers a couple of new gimmicks like backing for various SIM cards, Device Protection and top quality high definition voice on good telephones,” Google said in a blog entry. Lollipop was a noteworthy visual upgrade for Android, yet didn’t come without its own particular set of bugs and irregular glitches. Ideally the 5.1 form additionally determines a portion of the incidental drowsy execution Nexus 6 clients have managed; that has been mostly faulted for Google’s choice to encode the gadget’s capacity out of the case, a move intended to deflect hoodlums.

Support for various SIM cards is clearly vital in Android One businesses, and Google additionally affirms that this redesign will empower HD Voice for the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile and Verizon.

Google is likewise appearing its solution for Apple’s Activation Lock. This is fundamentally the same careful step against robbery thought connected to Android. It’s expected to make your stolen telephone essentially futile to whoever took it. “With Device Protection, your lost or stolen gadget will stay secured until you sign with your Google account – regardless of the possibility that somebody resets your gadget to manufacturing plant settings.” Aside from the Nexus 6 and 9, Google says that Device Protection will be an accessible peculiarity on most Android telephones and tablets that ship with Android 5.1 from now forward.

The major twerks of 5.1 upgrade are:

  1. Quick Settings changes

Auto-turn the quick settings board has been cleaned up a bit in Android 5.1. Each of the symbols counting the Auto-turn demonstrated over on the right now becomes animated with another liveliness when you tap it. Likewise, it is currently less demanding to bounce between Wifi access focuses and Bluetooth gadgets with the new dropdown bolts by these settings.

  1. HD voice and double SIM support

Despite the fact that we’ve heard reports of HD voice officially meeting expectations for a few people on T-Mo — and every so often experienced it for ourselves on some European systems utilizing the Nexus 6 — Android 5.1 makes it decent and official, and incorporated with the OS. Nexus 6 clients on T-Mobile and Verizon will have the capacity to appreciate higher-quality voice calls when the 5.1 upgrade arrives.

Android 5.1 additionally presents double SIM bolster as an inherent Android characteristic. Valid, there’s no deficiency of double SIM telephones running more established variants of Google’s OS. Anyhow now that this ability is heated into Android in 5.1, it ought to make things simpler for littler producers shipping Android 5.1 telephones in creating markets. T-Mobile clients will need to hold up somewhat more for the guaranteed Wifi calling redesign for the Nexus 6. T-Mo’s Des Smith affirms in a tweet that Wifi calling will be a different upgrade, excluded in the 5.1

  1. Redone Screen Pinning

Android 5.1 brings some abundantly required clarity to Lollipop’s upgrade to a degree befuddling screen sticking peculiarity, which was intended to make it less demanding to bolt children or visitor clients into a specific application. The introductory page of guidelines is a bit clearer, advising clients to span up to see the “pin” symbol. Furthermore the checkbox to request a PIN or security design when leaving the stuck application now lives in the App Pinning menu in Settings > Security paying little respect to whether you have lock screen security empowered, making this alternative more discoverable. What’s more when you first stick an application, Android additionally improves occupation of revealing to you precisely which catches to press to leave stuck mode.

  1. Gadget Protection — Stopping hoodlums from production line resetting your telephone

Much like Samsung and Apple’s reactivation lock characteristics, Device Protection in Android 5.1 will help to secure your gadget regardless of the fact that its lost or stolen. With this gimmick empowered, a hoodlum won’t have the capacity to utilize your gadget — even after manufacturing plant resetting it — without having your Google account login points of interest. Initially guaranteed for the beginning Lollipop discharge, Device Protection will offer on most Android telephones and tablets dispatched with Android 5.1 as per Google.

  1. Changes to the Volume and Interruptions slider

“None,” “Priority,” and “All” are presently joined by their comparing symbols, which ought to make it simpler for new clients to relate these to their status bar symbols. Also when empowering “None” or “Priority” mode for a particular time period, you’ll see the careful time it’ll be empowered until.

5.1 also has some minor changes in the UI. You will have to upgrade for more peeks.