Nand Logic’s smart helmet to provide cues while riding

With the rising tide of wearables in the market, there is an invisible competition among various companies to grab this opportunity and bring their name to light. We have witnessed an increased rate in production of smart watches, wristbands, glasses which have clearly marked this era as the era of smart wearables. Recently a gadget update caught the wind in the tech market- RideOn Ski Goggles which provided special stats to you while you enjoy your skiing, these critical stats helped you realize your safety quotient and other parameters. But why limit this technology to just skiing. Why not implement it in a helmet which provides you the same while you drive? Nand Logic has done precisely that in its smart helmet.

Nand Logic’s Smart Helmet might simply best the rundown in the matter of the most noteworthy number of electronic goodies stuffed into a solitary helmet. While it is proposed for exercises, for example, motorbiking, cycling or snowboarding, some individuals may wind up needing to wear the thing actually when they’re simply strolling down the road or roller skating.

Nand Logic cruiser protective helmet was introduced at CES Las Vegas and looks more astute than Skully AR-1, which is thought to be the best savvy bike cap. Nand Logic works on a multicore innovation and it has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an outside light sensor, Bluetooth, GPS, sensor to detect humidity, temperature sensor, LED lights, two HD camcorders which can record on an incorporated SD card, a mouthpiece and some speaker. These are fitted in this single helmet case.

The two cams mounted on Nand Logic’s smart helmet are controlling an object following calculative algorithm which screens the activity. On the off chance that the brain is considering that a fast approaching object is nearing, it begins to ring in your mind and a little LED flashes.Using the GPS, the accelerometer and the gyrator, this savvy cruiser helmet can precisely detect your position in a 3D space. This peculiarity begins the blazing lights on the helmet as per the move you roll out: improvement bearing flag or brake signal. The Nand Logic helmet has additionally an outside light sensor, as we said. This one is in charge of turning on the LED lights on the protective cap amid the night.

It additionally has a high temperature and stickiness sensor which can enact a fan when the outside temperature is excessively high. Other than that, the outside amplifier goes about as a sensor that can turn off the music in your helmet if there are police sirens outside. The best part is that this bike helmet will cost around 5000$ and will be marked down amid this mid year.