HTC Partners With Valve For SteamVR ‘VIVE’

The Valve’s SteamVR headset is named Vive, HTC are making it and it features 1200×1080 pixels with refresh rates at 90 FPS (frames per second).  HTC claims that it eliminates the jitter common in other VR headsets. According to HTC, allows the device allows filling your field of vision in all directions, removing the jitter common to previous VR technologies.


The headset boasts an “accelerometer, gyro sensor and laser position sensor”, along with the ‘Steam VR base station’ that will allow you to control your avatar’s movement by physically walking around your room, “in spaces up to 15 feet by 15 feet. Seriously, this is a revolution in the gaming industry and much more to come.

Valve earlier announced that it would be showcasing its VR headset at the Game Developer’s Conference this week along with the new Steam Machines and the final version of the Steam Controller.


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Fun on Vive

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HTC = Half-Life Three Confirmed.