3 Best Websites for Online Music

Online Music Websites


The first choice when it comes to online music streaming in Grooveshark. Though their mobile app is not that good, the web application makes up for it. It lets you not only stream songs but also upload songs and then let others also stream it. The library is so huge that you will come across almost every obscure song or artist you are trying to look for. The home page gives you a long list of music recommendations from previously heard music and list of popular songs and new releases on Grooveshark. One problem with it is that since users can upload songs, there are multiple title tracks available for the same song. But the search filter lists the correct ones at the top, so you are sorted. The Live Broadcasts section is a great way to discover music on Grooveshark.


Rdio makes it compulsory to create an account for streaming music (sign up with Facebook). Depending on your listening history, you will find artist suggestions similar to your choices by further scrolling down, and also, songs that you haven’t heard using the service from artists you might have streamed. An exclusive and exciting feature that Rdio has been that it creates your own personalized FM station according to your favorites and streaming history. The Trending section gives you albums, stations, playlists and songs that are currently trending in your region. When you want to hit up random playlists or stations, the Browse section is amazing and lists out music according to moods, celebrities, and genre with more playlists.


8tracks has always been a great service for discovering music though it may not be that good for streaming. There are a large number of playlists present on this service and the featured line is truly amazing. As soon as you hit up the Explore tab, you will be able to search for songs under different tags. Though you might think that 8tracks lacks features as you spend more time discovering music on this service, you would learn that it is mostly intended for music discovery, a playlist sharing service if you will.

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