xRemote: Next Generation of Smart Home Experience

Modern technology is utilized in homes, all over the world. A New type of Home automation Device and Universal remote control system is created by Ctrl X technology and the name of product is xRemote. It is designed to provide a next-generation control system that will transform your home into a smart home.

Features of xRemote:

Universal Remote Control- You generally won’t need to search for the particular controller or particular applications to operate certain appliances. You can now control all appliances and smart systems from only ONE remote controller: your smartphone.

Full Signal Coverage- Simply put the xRemote on your coffee table and it will cover all appliances. The RF convention used will give full house coverage connecting our items regardless of what number of walls are between.

Long Distance Control- You can use your smartphone to control your home appliances actually when you are thousands miles far from home at whatever time you have access to internet.

Preset Control- With the preset subject mode like morning/sleeping mode, theater mode and party mode, your life will be a much easier. By simply clicking a button, the xRemote will execute a series of preset command automatically.

Indoor Location- The Hardware of the xRemote series contains a Bluetooth chip that permits it to connect with any gadget that has Bluetooth capacities like your smartphone. Presently the system can locate where you are in the house, and turn on the closest light for you. With the BLE labels, you can likewise check where your pet is or your wallet.

Geo-fence Automation- The xRemote uses the GPS in your smartphone to detect whether you have left home or not. The system will switch between Home Mode and Away Mode focused around your distance from home. This likewise permits the system to push notifications to you when there is a situation in your home.

Easy to Use- It can be easily set up within 5 steps. Download the smartphone application, plug in the xRemote, connect the xRemote to your home Wi-Fi, include all appliances and gadgets, and afterward let xRemote learn and record all infrared control guidelines. It shouldn’t be any more difficult than setting up a wireless router. The smartphone application user interface is basic and simple to use.

The Dream of Controlling your home and life with just 1 simple controller is here with xRemote. It is made by combining home automation and all your entertainment system, TV and Music Centre remote controls into 1 easy to use system that is connected to your smartphone or Tablet. It starts working with just one tap of screen and you can take advantages of the technology that surrounds you.