VISR- A Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset

Any individual who would like to appreciate the new technology revolution that is virtual reality and might want to experience playing VR games yet perhaps can’t afford to purchase systems, for example, the Oculus Rift. Possibly interested in the VISR smartphone virtual reality headset that has been designed by Louis Deane situated in Hull inside the UK. Watch the video below to learn more.

VISR is a headset intended to make immersive virtual reality something that can be experienced by everybody. Our point is to make the most reasonable VR experience while not bargaining on quality. Not at all like headsets focused around the Google cardboard, VISR is produced using low-cost laminated corrugate with high strength that is controlled or powered by your smartphone.

We think this is the most ideal approach to sink your teeth into VR without spending a fortune. Anything you create for the VISR just needs to run on a smartphone so it’s as simple as making a mobile application there will even be a pre-built Unity bundle released to permit designers to the module and begin playing. We are likewise super interested by everybody who is making virtual reality applications, so we will pitch anything you make for nothing! Simply get in contact with us.

VISR is super easy to use as it comes completely assembled. It just makes two moves to get you from opening your VISR to encountering virtual reality. Firstly, you have to find and load up a virtual reality game, movie, or application.

There is now a tremendous measure of content accessible out there, with all the more being produced every day. After you have your application loaded up, simply slip your smartphone into the VISR magazine and afterward into the highest point of the gadget. After that, you are prepared to go! Strap in and immerse yourself in incredible virtual worlds.

VISR has been called the most energizing and problematic bit of hardware, to enter the VR gaming market by Andrew McCartney, CEO of Microsoft Ventures. So on the off chance that you think VISR is something you could profit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help VISR turn into a reality.