Teenage Engineering develops synth only for $59

Young Engineering has cut out a corner in the electronic music world. Its OP-1 is a very versatile synth that puts mechanical outline keeping pace with sound quality and gimmicks. In the event, there’s one thing the OP-1 isn’t, its reasonable. The fundamental synth is valued at a cool $799, setting it against impressively more-settled choices from Roland, Korg, Moog and others. With its most recent items, nonetheless, the Swedish startup is looking to put a ton of music-production control in your grasp easily.

The Pocket Operator (PO) arrangement is a compound of three smaller than expected battery-fueled synths, all evaluated at $59. There’s the PO-12 “Mood” drum machine, the PO-14 “Sub” bass synth, and the PO-16 “Processing plant” tune unit. Every one of the three have 16-stage sequencing and a determination of 16 sounds to browse, furthermore offer 16 extra impacts. There aren’t any official features accessible simply yet, however you can look at a cut of musical performer Cuckoo playing with a model PO-12 which has been thought about for quite a while after the break.

As you would anticipate from Teenage Engineering, the POs are beautiful. Controlled by two AAA batteries, the synths are completely stripped back. Each is simply a circuit board with a showcase and various mechanical switches and handles. They do have the implicit speakers, 3.5mm in and outs, parameter bolts and sync usefulness you would anticipate from a pocket synth, however the entire vibe is extremely barebones.


Adolescent Engineering is teaming up with individual Swedish brand Cheap Monday – best known for garments Williamsburg’s finest in skin-tight pants and all way of knitwear – to offer its POs for sale to the public. Modest Monday has its marking on each of the POs, and is likewise offering a scope of Teenage Engineering- themed realistic tees and pins for showing your image dependability. Notwithstanding the attire tie-ins, it is delivering a more-practical case estimated at about $39 for ensuring your synths. The greater part of the rigging will dispatch soon, timed with the start of NAMM exchange show – at $177 for the full suite, we anticipate that they will sell out extremely well.