Seagate announces its ultra thin wireless hard drive

Seagate is a well renowned name when it comes to accessories specially hard disks. Seagate hard disks have always made to the top of the rank eliminating any competition it found on the path. Seagate Technology is an American company which was founded in 1978 and was originally known as Shugart Technology. Ever since its inception, the company’s products have always made sure that they live up to the market’s demand and expectation and has rightly earned its reputation.

In the event of a New Year’s beginning, Seagate is showing signs of improvement and sorted out its best product on your rundown of New Year’s resolutions, Seagate has a trio of choices that considers every contingency. Initially, the organization is putting forth its ultra-slight 7mm drive in compact structure with the properly named Seagate Seven. As you may expect, the organization gloats that this is “the world’s slimmest” gadget for on-the-go stockpiling, wielding 500 GB of space and associating with your contraptions by means of USB 3.0 inside a steel nook. The Seven positively won’t consume up much room in your pocket or knapsack, and its set to arrive later in the not so distant future for $100.

If you favor a remote choice for wrangling documents? There will be absolutely no stress. There’s something for you, as well. Seagate Wireless is an alternate 500 GB convenient drive, however as the moniker demonstrates, this one slices the tie to play pleasant with cell phones. Intending to cure the restricted space misfortunes on telephones and tablets, this multihued model makes its own system, so there’s no compelling reason to stress over discovering Wi-Fi along the expressway. Documents are overseen by means of Seagate’s Media application for iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows 8, and in addition, put away media can be transmitted to a wide screen with Airplay, Chromecast or with the organization’s application for keen TVs and Roku players. Expect five color plans when the $130 Wireless hits the market in February.


What’s that? You require a more complete stockpiling answer for the majority of the family’s computerized disarray? Seagate is prepared to sort that as well, and its Personal Cloud setup verifies that stuff is open both at home and on the go. Keeping downloaded media in one spot to watch on tablets, TVs and media streamers? Check. Serving as a focal reinforcement for laptops and other crucial contraptions? It does that also. Hell, it can even stream your substance to DLNA-based products like a PlayStation or Xbox comfort. Individual Cloud additionally handles reinforcements of Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon and other cloud archives, and there’s a two-sound model that is arranged to duplicate all information to the second drive for people looking to be additional watchful. Also yes, you can transform it into one major storage room on the off chance that you incline toward. There’s no expression on estimating simply yet, yet Seagate Personal Cloud will wrangle 3tb, 4tb and 5tb limits while the two-sound variant will handle 4tb, 6tb and 8tb, with both planned to ship before the month’s end.