Nyne Aqua for the perfect pool party

A year ago’s International CES (the 2014 show) was stuffed with Bluetooth speakers, and one of the few that emerged from the pack was Nyne’s gliding, waterproof Aqua speaker. Ther are many people who are aficionados of music and radio since they were young, and today Nyne has brought one Bluetooth gadget close-by so your most loved podcasts, sound books and Spotify tracks are dependably inside scope. One of the shortcomings of other Bluetooth speakers is that you will not be able to listen to your favorite tracks while going for a shower or at the shoreline, so Nyne Aqua has eradicated all these shortcomings to prove its worth.

The Aqua is evaluated Ipx7, which implies it can withstand being submersed in a meter of water (3.3 ft) for up to 30 minutes. To be clear, that doesn’t imply that it will impact out your jams with completely clear constancy from the base of your hot tub, it simply implies that in the event that you abandon it at the base of the pool for 60 minutes, you most likely won’t pulverize it.

It was tested by putting it under a magnifying glass in the shower where it cheerfully took a lot of sprinkling, spilled cleanser and monstrous drops in stride, filling the lavatory with extraordinary tunes and babble the entire time. To truly raise the stakes, it was additionally tested by gizmag officials taking it to Colorado’s Pagosa Hot Springs on a sub zero January day in the Rocky Mountains. The open air temperatures were underneath frosty, in the hot springs pools they glided the Nyne Aqua where it went up to 109º F (42º C), so it was confronting a few genuine extremes at the same time on its front and posteriors.

The Aqua survived, taking the ill-use in stride and keeping the gathering going, much in the wake of being submerged on different events. Notwithstanding its 2,200-mah battery useful for up to 10 hours every charge, different specs incorporate an implicit waterproof mouthpiece that appeared to function admirably enough for approaching calls and a 3.5-mm helper info. The size and state of the Aqua, however maybe a bit goofy-looking, are a couple of its greater wins, making it simple to pack, stow and hang while voyaging or horsing around on the shoreline or at the pool.


The sound quality you get from the Aqua is great yet not the best available, and the same can be said for its volume ability. The unit puts out 10 watts of force and has an equalizer catch that gives you a chance to push through four preset settings – a pleasant additional. At the cost however (it retails at Us$129.95 yet is presently $100 at Walmart.com), you get more than you pay.