Facebook and Instagram went down at some places

Facebook appeared to be along on early Thursday, with all the social media marketing website saying it is currently taking care of correcting the matter.

Facebook suffered a popular blackout on consumers affecting inside Japan, the United States and Australia. The social networking giant’s Instagram assistance is also inaccessible. Instagram mentioned on its Facebook account that it is alert to a and it is currently taking care of a repair.

We’re therefore are working on a repair and alert to an outage affecting Instagram. Thanks for your Patience.
— Instagram (@instagram)

There is no fast affirmation from Facebook.

” Sorry, something went wrong. We are focusing on it and we’ll obtain as we can, it will be fixed soon,” Facebook said on its website.

Customers in the United States and India claimed that they were not able to logon. Representatives at Facebook were instantly unavailable for opinion.

Facebook had 1.25 million regular active users at September’s end

1 thought on “Facebook and Instagram went down at some places”

  1. Ok now I have heard it all, Mark Zuckerburg claims Facebook had nothing to do with the hack. This guy looks for talented hackers around the world and loves to bring them over to the US, so I’m not buying it

    If Facebook didn’t have anything to do with the hack , why then is the programming on the site so antiquated that the hackers were able to infiltrate the site and shut it down?

    Zuckerburg sold his soul to the devil when he created Facebook out of vengeance
    If you’re stupid enough to get on this site and agree to their terms of service you get
    what you get


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