Blackberry limited edition Gold BlackBerry Passport goes out of stock

Blackberry recently began selling its limited edition gold and black Blackberry Passport, however the unit has already been soldout. The fresh limited release style transported with all the generation quantity, a limited version engraving as well as a unique soft calf leather cover from Valextra. Additionally it presented a gold-colored metal framework and describing across the ends.

The device was stated on the market for $999 in Europe or $899 in the United States, and Blackberry authorized customers to buy up to three items in one single order. However, the business decided to really stress the draw on the phone, and merely produced 50 available for purchase.

We suspect you’ll be able to get one on online though we assume that it’s going to cost you much more compared to $ 899 price to discover one on eBay within the coming times or days.

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