How to become a Good Android Developer?

Imagine what your android smartphone would be without those apps that you love so much. Starting from the apps that you use to access your social media pages and games, apps essentially make your phone what it is.

Our lives today are so dependent on apps and there are new ones being developed daily for different purposes. The apps have touched our lives in a way that if today they were to disappear from our phones live would never be the same again. Imagine if you did not have that app that you use for your diet program or work out? What if you were unable to access your favourite social media site because you did not have an app to do so?

The importance of apps for the smooth running of our daily lives cannot be overemphasised. This is especially so with the increased migration from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. Development of apps is slowly becoming a simpler task that anyone can do after a few lessons. However, developing a functional app that can be used by many people is still a challenge to many developers. Developing an app is easy; developing a good one is the most difficult part.

Important tips on developing Good android apps

Be willing to learn. Just like anything else in life, your willingness to learn will determine if you are able to make a great app or not. App development may not be rocket science but it is also not as simple as taking a cup of tea. Willingness to learn and a little dedication will ensure that you learn all the coding necessary to develop an app fast.

Basic knowledge in some specific areas like XML and Java is an added advantage. This acts as a good foundation for any android developers to build on. Knowledge of these areas makes your learning much easier and faster as you are able to grasp the concept behind app development quicker. However, if you know nothing about any of this it does not mean you cannot become a good app developer. Everything you need to know can still be taught to you.

Trial and error is a good learning experience. In the beginning, you may create terrible apps but this shouldn’t discourage you. In a learning process, you get better after trying a couple of times. It is through trying that you will be able to identify the areas you are not good at. After a couple of trials, you will start noticing some improvements which should encourage you to push on

Make it as simple as possible. What kind of apps do you like on your phone? Chances are you like the ones that are simple to use. This is the same for most people and so when developing an app the simpler it is the better. Most people learning how to develop apps fail because they are always focusing their effort on developing something very complex. Remember that simple does not mean that your app is substandard.

Focus on the real world. The most successful apps are the ones that try to emulate the real world as much as possible. Unless you are creating a game then the real world should be your main focus when learning and developing your app. When doing this also keep in mind that the purpose of an app is to make things better for its users.

Where to learn Android App Development ?

When you think about that magnificent app that you enjoy using so much you assume it was created by a tech graduate from one of the best colleges in the world but that is not necessarily true. Learning how to make an app is quite simple and you can do it online from the comfort of your home.

Some of the good websites you can learn app development would include.

1. Developer Android

Developer Android is Google’s official android app development page. Here you will find all the materials you will need to learn app development.

2. Treehouse

This is a subscription based program but very rich in resources. Here you will get to learn all the basics of app development and also all the complex stuff you will need at a later date.


Udemy also has a very good course on app development. It is a good place to learn especially for those without prior knowledge.

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