The Moto Hint Earbud: A New Definition of Headphones

There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t craves for music time to time to relax his mind. To bring this closer in our life now we have systems to play our favorite tracks right in our palm, in our phone. As soon as this trend started getting worldwide recognition, many companies came up to provide their accessories to enrich this experience. Earphones, Speakers and headphones of different types and kinds sprang up all over the market. Speakers are a little hefty to carry and only headphones provide equivalence, but they are not commonly used as they appear too bulky. So Motorola took up a chance to combine all the three and give out a product which aces all the qualities of the three. The Moto Hint, it is the earbud for the next generation.

Most Bluetooth headset are very bulky and appears as if we are carrying satellite dishes instead of ears. Moto Hint provides you the best sound quality you crave and doesn’t make you look like a moving radio station. It is so small it fits directly into your ears and it appears at a glance that you may just be carrying a hearing aid. So all those students hoping to make through a boring lecture will be very pleased with this earbud. And not only is it an accessory to replace your old earphones it also gives you additional control over your device especially if it is connected to Moto X or Droid Turbo.

When connected to Motorola’s flagship smartphones, Moto Hint act as a remote controller too by taking voice commands. It can operated your smart phone from across the room. The Moto Hint is constantly alert and listening to its trigger phrase. As soon as the user speaks out the trigger phrase, it understands that the following audio input is a command to be carried out at the smart phone’s end. The Moto Hint is capable enough to distinguish between search and execute commands and can perform both with high efficiency. It can also push incoming calls, select notifications and other kinds of audio to your ear, even when your phone is in the next room.

The Moto Hint is also touch sensitive. You might wonder that such a small earbud hardly provides any surface for a touchscreen, and you are right also. The Moto Hint has a capacitive touch area facing outward and it doesn’t provide much interactive abilities as compared to a smart phone itself, but it enable you to grab your phones attention to start listening for your commands in case you do not want to use the trigger phrase to activate it. If you’re using the Moto Hint with a late model Android phone or iPhone, a touch will summon Google Now or Siri, respectively.

Even then many other tasks can be executed by using this device. Starting from basic tasks like currency conversion, sending and receiving texts, to complex tasks like managing calendar and mails too. The Moto Hint Earbud is the Headphone of the future.