Playbulb Rainbow- A Smart Colour LED Light Bulb

Anybody searching for a LED light that can be controlled utilizing either your iOS and Android cell phone or tablet, may discover vowing for the new Playbulb Rainbow Smart Color LED Light Bulb worth their while. PLAYBULB rainbow is straightforward, yet slick. PLAYBULB rainbow body shape is a trapezoid which is much slimmer. This outline is to represent the refraction of daylight beam entering a raindrop and in the long run structuring a rainbow. PLAYBULB rainbow is as vivid as a genuine rainbow and as glad as the sky after downpour.

When you back PLAYBULB, you are not support a solitary item. You are support entire arrangement of PLAYBULB. You are helping us to make our vision materialize. You can introduce it much the same as a normal light. The light channel of PLAYBULB rainbow is made of a PC layer, permitting a brighter and more beautiful entrance of light bars from the LED chip. PLAYBULB rainbow presents to you an uncommon knowledge of LED shade lighting.


Likewise, PLAYBULB rainbow fits into standard E26/ E27 screw base. Basically screw PLAYBULB rainbow into light apparatus as an ordinary light. At that point, a bright rainbow is introduced. PLAYBULB rainbow likewise fits into E40, E14 and B22 screw attachments. By utilizing connector, Edison Screw base can be changed over into Bayonet base as well. PLAYBULB rainbow is for every one of us.

Emulated by PLAYBULB light and PLAYBULB shade, here we come PLAYBULB rainbow. Today, PLAYBULB rainbow is here to let you know that light can be STYLISH, SMART and MONEY SAVING. PLAYBULB rainbow is controlled by PLAYBULB X App which underpins all iOS gadgets that are running iOS variant 7 or above, Android gadgets running Android 4.3 or above and both having Bluetooth® 4.0 or above. As we know that energy saving is money saving.


PLAYBULB rainbow equivalents to 30 consistent lights on the grounds that every PLAYBULB rainbow is upgraded to a high vitality productivity. Every PLAYBULB rainbow is 5 watts at full power performing shine with 280 lumens and 30,000 hours life time. While standard light with around 300 lumen ordinarily uses up 40 watts power with around 1,000 hours lifetime, PLAYBULB rainbow is a BIG SAVE! Sparing vitality for our reality in the meantime sparing more cash for your power bill. PLAYBULB rainbow is a brilliant color LED Light Bulb. The time of On/ Off switch is gone. PLAYBULB X App is the App that we have created to amplify the fun of PLAYBULB rainbow. PLAYBULB X App is free. You can download it from Apple App Store and Google Play.

It has Color Change and Brightness Control Feature. Set no limit to your rainbow. Redo your rainbow through PLAYBULB X App. Pick your color from the shade wheel. Tap your rainbow now. Splendid white light for working work area, delicate yellow light for cooking and dimmer light for lights out perusing. Just conform the splendor of PLAYBULB rainbow by means of PLAYBULB X App. PLAYBULB rainbow is forever your best go hand in hand with.


  • LED’s- Red, Green, Blue & white
  • LED Power- 5w
  • LED Current- 0.4 Amp
  • Voltage- 110-240 v, 50-60 Hz
  • Lumen- 280LM
  • Lamp holder- E26/E27
  • Bluetooth- Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wireless Range- 10 Meter (33ft)
  • Other Control- PLAYBULB X App control
  • Supported Devices- iPhone 4s or above, iPad 3 or above, IPod fifth Generation or above (Running iOS 7.0) and Android 4.3 or above (with Bluetooth 4.0).

You can just screw PLAYBULB rainbow into light apparatus as an ordinary light. At that point, a beautiful rainbow is introduced. PLAYBULB rainbow is for all of us.