MionixLabs NAOS QG Gaming Mouse

Mionixlabs made another style of gaming mouse that is furnished with a heart rate sensor together with galvanic skin reaction sensors, making it equipped for following your body’s responses as you game, giving you experiences into your gaming style and body rhythms. It is a front line gaming mouse that tracks your body responses and gives you profound experiences into your gaming. It is made for the Quantified Gaming, to empower you to improve as a gamer.

NAOS QG is the first mouse that gives profound experiences into your gaming. Through inherent sensors, the NAOS QG tracks your heart rate, galvanic skin reaction and activities every moment. This information shows up as a straightforward overlay on your screen. Much the same as competitors assemble and examine information, we need to do likewise for gamers. Give you profound bits of knowledge. Empower you to comprehend your responses and streamline your gaming.

Gamers utilizing the NAOS QG can even impart and pose as a viable rival their QG details to partners, companions and the group. This opens another measurement to how recreations are played, imparted and professionally shown. NAOS QG empowers you to comprehend your body responses, while never bargaining on gaming execution. This is the thing that makes it conceivable.

  • A front line optical gaming mouse with remarkable ergonomics, most astounding form quality and magnificent execution.
  • State of the workmanship sensors, incorporated with the mouse.
  • A Quantified Gaming programming motor that unites everything.


TRACK- Always asked why you are losing against this handle when a huge stake is on the table. No more ponder you should! Different sensors incorporated with the mouse measure your physical anxiety amid a diversion.

Track your anxiety level progressively.

Measure your body responses.

Keep track of changes and your objectives.

Monitor- The QG programming will show your individual anxiety information in a straightforward overlay amid the amusement.

  • On-screen presentation while in amusement (adaptable area).
  • Real-time acoustic/visual input, (for example, edge warnings).
  • If your anxiety information is excessively high, enjoy a reprieve

Analyze- Review the game all alone or with your fellow team members to comprehend when and why you are pushed. Make utilization of the information for productive preparing and turn into a genuine gaming saint! Is it true that you are cool as a cucumber or a mental wreck when gaming?

  • Analyze tops and distinguish examples, see inclines crosswise over amusements and about whether.
  • Time stamped tops connected to depictions for simple following.
  • Works with third gathering diversion recording programming like NVIDIA Shadowplay, Raptr, Xsplit and the sky is the limit from there.


Here is the best part: Share your physical response amid a diversion with others through Twitch and your most loved social networking channels! Show your anxiety levels live on-screen to your supporters and casters and give amazing experiences into a gamer’s body. You choose when, how and what information you need to impart. Straightforward and magnificent as that.


The Quantified Gaming programming can be utilized with any diversion (and even with different applications). Regardless of in the event that you are chasing panzers in World of Tanks, zerging in Starcraft II, confronting a punishment in FIFA 15, sneaking by the witch in Left4dead2 or restlessly anticipating the following cards in Hearthstone: Quantified Gaming will add another experience to your diversion. It is totally free of the amusement you are playing and it doesn’t realize what happens in it. It simply shows your body responses. The QG programming takes screenshots from the game and time stamps them so you can undoubtedly break down your tops or certain examples and relate them to in-amusement circumstances.


NAOS QG contains sensors that track and screen your body responses for ongoing data amid the game.

Heart rate sensor – optical heart rate sensor, utilizing 515 nm Ingan PWM controlled LED, high-affectability photograph sensor and progressed commotion smothering calculations to concentrate heart rate from blood stream varieties.

Galvanic Skin Response sensors, measuring galvanic skin reaction as a sign of energy and anxiety. – high safety voltage dividers, low clamor speakers and programming calculations particularly enhanced for gaming to get changes in anxiety from skin dampness level. The sensors are situated on the cover of the mouse for smooth and interference free following. Because of the ergonomic state of the NAOS, the sensors’ positions are streamlined for right-hand gamers utilizing the palm hold.

If it’s not too much trouble note that sensor arrangement and outline may be balanced amid the improvement process for optimization.