How to record iPhone calls on your Mac

Many people want their phone calls to be recorded automatically because they may be important or contains any key data. Especially for the business people they require their conversation, interviews to be recorded. Over this issue Apple users gonna benefit. People having both iPhone and Macbook have an accessibility to automatically record calls of iPhone to his macbook.

In order to record your iPhone calls to the Macbook you need it update it latest OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1.x. Make sure that the continuity and handoff features are enables both on Macbook and iPhone. You need to sign in into both the devices using the same Apple ID and should be on the same network.

One you are done with setup of continuity you will be able to receive FaceTime calls and  iMessages on you macbook parallel to your iPhone. With the handoff you can also take up your calls on the macbook itself.

In order to record your calls download Call recorder for FaceTime by Ecamm. This program is available on the free trail in the app store for seven days. Once call time is successfully installed on your computer launch FaceTime to proceed.

Configure the call recorder for FaceTime which will allow you to set preferences such as automatic call recording, saving location. Once the software is setup proceed and dial a contact you need to record with FaceTime or a normal one. You are also allowed to received an incoming phone call or FaceTime call on your macbook.

Once you are on the call you will notice the call recorder window. There you can see the red button. Press the red button if you did not choose the automatic call recording while installing the software. The moment you press the red button your call will be recorded until you press the cancel button. You will also see a call timer duration during the recording of the call on the window showing you the recording time of your call.

You can easily access to the recorded call any time in you saved folder in macbook any time. Hope the guide helps you.