HELIOS – The world’s first wireless solar powered headphones

Wireless engineering brings incredible solace of versatility and flexibility. Shockingly, in the same way as some other versatile engineering, it longs for a lot of vitality. The technicians needed to make a functional and earth cognizant traveler headset as per our morals and our vision of tomorrow. They envisioned a crossover headset, convey a photovoltaic film which catches the sun’s energy. This electrical admission covers the majority of the lively needs of the headset, actually when the sky is overcast. These sun powered cells are a boundless wellspring of clean and free energy.

Helios, a wireless headset (Bluetooth associated) is considered with a sun oriented board mounted on the top face. Power is drawn from regular light through the solar powered board so as to energize its inner battery. It is impractical to concentrate the gathered energy to recharge an outer gadget. There is additionally a plausibility to energize through an AC outlet. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, Helios will permit you to listen to music and telephone calls remotely while never stressing over energizing again.

HELIOS utilizes a non-dirtying methodology to revive its interior battery through a photo-voltaic film spotted on top of the headset. It gives the fundamental energy to the Bluetooth 4.0 innovation to work while continually having the likelihood to energize the gadget utilizing a link through a Micro-USB port.

Helios is a Bluetooth hybrid earphones, which can be charged either by sun oriented power or Electricity. They are outfitted with photo-voltaic boards. You can energize your earphones with a photo-voltaic board utilizing the daylight. Consistently energize with sun oriented vitality gives 30 minutes of use for playing music. It has micro USB port and 3.5mm jack, with the goal that you can likewise accuse your earphone of a fantastic micro USB link and attachment a jack to utilize it without Bluetooth association.

It provides for you brilliant accuracy sound. It is equipped with high speaker quality and pleasant calfskin part for provide for you the best solace to listen your music all over the place. Its multifunctional switches gives you the office to change your music tracks, modify the volume, answer calls and turn ON or turn OFF your solar oriented panel. It have inherent Microphone which is utilized with your prepaid gadgets.

Specialized Specifications:

  • Measurements: Weight- 255gm, Height- 200mm
  • Connectors: 3.5mm jack, Micro-USB to power
  • Sound: High quality sound, Active Noise Cancelation
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0, A2dp Profile, Operating separation 10 meters
  • Battery: 430 mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Accessories Included: Audio jack 3.5mm link, Micro-USB charger link, User’s manual.

You can utilize Helios at anyplace like at the time of respite, at work and so on. It is accessible in 4 shades, Black mat, Black lustrous, Wood & Carbon.

For the future, the specialists are chipping away at making shrewd and down to earth gadgets utilizing inventive innovations that appreciation the nature’s domain. Making cutting edge items while keeping the natural foot shaped impression at its most reduced is a genuine test. Together, we can change how we choose to devour vitality and live in a better world.