Facebook launches new feature to add stickers on the photos

Facebook is releasing a new app called Stickered for Messenger in which you can edit the photo and paste the sticker on the photo. Funny right? “Stickers and photos are two of the most popular ways that people express themselves on Messenger. This is a fun experiment to see how people combine the two” the company tells Tech Crunch. This is the first companion app built for the messenger. 


Stickered for Messenger is now available only for android and will be released soon for iOS. Facebook says the stickered for messenger is a “lightweight” app. On the New Year, the selfie camera in Messenger will let you add a new year thread frame over your photo. Snapchat  had this feature similar to this one and it also proved to be similar too. Now even Facebook is trying to launch similar style of feature. Additional update including holiday sticker pack rolled out yesterday.

 With stickered for messenger you can first choose the pic for which you want to add the sticker. Then after selecting the sticker you can resize, tilt and then paste on the photo as you wish. Due to the snapchat drawing on the photos became so popular in the last few months.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMJvw-RfTEI]


Facebook is not generating any revenue from this app right now but it makes people to use facebook more. With introducing this feature messenger is giving tough competition.

Get the stickered for android here – Click here.