Carbon Flyer: The Ultimate Crash Proof Video Drone

Free individual drone today can truly everything. At the same time the quick advancement prompted the comprehension that safe “pilot” automaton is not given to everybody. Landing and flying automations can frequently be a precarious business and incidentally wind up with the drone being harmed simultaneously if the pilot is not cautious, or the earth acts as a burden with blasts of wind’s or that sudden divider. Indeed experts now and then break when landing helps. What would we be able to say in regards to the newcomers? For this situation, the UAV broken eagerly. They are very delicate and need to treat them with great alert. Something else, purchased for a couple of hundred dollars “toy” quickly transforms into garbage. Step by step instructions to say is possible? Utilizing carbon fiber. This is an inconceivably strong material, which does not ghastly mishap. The innovators have assembled from it a smaller than usual “plane” (like the excellent paper).

Presently a super intense individual automaton has been made utilizing carbon fiber for its casing giving a super quality accident evidence automaton called the Carbon Flyer. The Carbon Flyer is the world’s first all carbon fiber individual drone, controlled by Bluetooth, with an installed camcorder. Its exceptionally strong development surpasses each other remotely controlled plane, effortlessly surviving the inexorable accidents. Enjoyable to fly, simple to control, and wonderful to observe, this cutting edge toy is ideal for the RC fan, the contraption darling or the internal identity in everybody! The Carbon Flyer is pressed with innovation.

Notwithstanding its super intense carbon fiber airframe, it offers an ultra-low drag delta-wing outline, taking into consideration high speeds and prevalent control; it utilizes double high power engines with differential push to direct, with no delicate moving parts. The Carbon Flyer is additionally outfitted with a long separation Bluetooth controller that associate with a buddy application on your cell phone empowering you to control the flight furthermore record feature footage from the ramble’s locally available cam. It is controlled through long range Bluetooth 4.0 and a cell phone application; it gimmicks hot-swappable, rechargeable lithium particle batteries, and it has an installed cam for taking feature while it is flying.

Likewise, the Carbon Flyer airframe is amassed utilizing carbon nanotube upgraded epoxy which makes bonds stronger than steel welds. It is, truth be told, the world’s first standard item to use this astounding material innovation. The length of the automaton – 35 centimeters. In the event that we discuss the usefulness, winged machine is not substandard partners. Overseen by the UAV through an application introduced in the cell phone manager. Ready for is a cam, there are no challenges with shooting feature.

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 14.75″
  • Wingspan: 7″
  • Height: 3″
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.


  • Carbon Fiber Body
  • Carbon Nanotube Impregnated Epoxy
  • Delta Wing Design
  • Impact Nose Cone
  • Carbon Flyer App
  • Camera
  • Lithium Battery
  • Thrust Vector Steering
  • LED Running Lights
  • Display Stand

Do visit the Indiegogo page now to make a vow for Carbon Flyer turns into a reality with promises which will be beginning from $99 just on the off chance that you believe that this automaton is something you could get advantage from.