Skeye Nano Drone Is Smaller Than Your Palm

Drones are the fascinating new technological statement. Inevitably they are dead useful and hand, built using the best approaches humankind has ever known. After the launch of Google’s project drone, a chain reaction commenced and many other companies came up with their own designs of drones which provide a wide variety of functionality. Varying from delivery services in hard to reach regions, to spraying the fields with pesticides or for aerial data collection to formulate dynamically updated maps, these drones have proved the fact that they are capable of doing almost any task. Facebook drones are even aiming to provide internet to the entire globe. One of the main objectives of building drones was to use the machines to spy and collect insider information not easily accessible. Because of this reason it is essential that they have insignificant size so they become difficult to spot. Skeye nano drone fits this description exactly.


It is very difficult for these drones to stay up in the sky when weather conditions are drastic and unfavourable. Skeye nano drone is very robust in this manner. It can fly even in biting winter and in rain. But it will be difficult to control it in windy situations owing to its small size. It is an easily pocketable drone as it measures only 1.57 square inches. Skeye nano drone is a quadcopter style drone. It has 4 perfectly balanced miniature rotators that keeps it up. Though it looks like a child’s toy but believe me this little hero is self sufficient. There is absolutely no quantifiable reason to underestimate its functionality.


This little flying box has self stabilizing mechanism that help it in maintaining its balance and not get swayed away in the gusts of wind. It has gyros and accelerometer functionality to keep it steady. Though the implementation of it posed quite a difficulty to the developers but that is developer’s trouble. Customers are meant to enjoy its wonders. It provides sensitivity controls in three layers which in turn provides it different piloting abilities to suit its flying based on different conditions. It provides a basic mode for beginners who want to adjust their hands on this flying machine. The second mode is for advanced pilots and the last mode is for professionally trained drone veterans.


Charging procedure is also pretty simple. It has a slot which connects a USB charger to charge it. Customized charger is available with the packet itself. A charging round of about 30 minutes provides it enough power to stay in the air for an approximate of 7-8 minutes. Now I know that is not too much, but because of its size battery constraint was a big parameter. It also comes at a very affordable price of only $34.99. Now you will have to be very careful regarding your privacy, any one might be keeping an eye on your house. It implements Ready To Fly technology (RTF) with 6 axis flight control system which makes it so handy. It also has the ability of pulling off stunts smoothly with its aerobatic flip capability and LED light for a flight in the night.

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