Rubbee – The electric drive for bicycles

There are likely truly a couple of individuals who surmise that an electric bike may prove to be useful off and on again, yet who aren’t eager to purchase an entire other bicycle or forever change over their current non-electric model. Electric bicycles are getting to be more mainstream as the expense to claim one goes down, and the expense to possess a gas-fueled vehicle goes up. In the event that you ask a genuine cyclist what they think about an electric bicycle, you may get your head nod off, yet there’s undoubtedly there’s a business sector out there for them. Actually, that is the reason the Rubbee was made. It’s an electric drive unit that connects to a general bicycle in just a couple of seconds, and that falls off pretty much as fast.

Rubbee is a progressive electric drive which can be mounted on any bike in simply a couple of seconds. It is an electric drive more than ever. Rubbee is a high-proficiency electric rubbing drive for bicycles. It changes the way general bicycles used to be changed over into electric ones. With a coordinated clip instrument it can be mounted on bicycles in simply a couple of seconds and the creative drive engine with an incorporated battery pack keeps you set without needing to pedal for more than 15 miles!

In the event that we take a gander at the transformation units accessible at this moment we will see that every one of them oblige a tool kit and a few aptitudes in hardware and mechanics to introduce them. Also keep in mind all the wires and the battery pack – both of them make your bicycle resemble a DIY test. Change units additionally include around 10-15 kg of weight to your bicycle.

That being said, Rubbee gives an answer for those issues. Delight in the profits of a high-control electric bike without getting your hands filthy or demolishing the feel of the bike you as of now have.

  • You don’t have to purchase an entire electric bike on the off chance that you need one
  • You can switch between a standard bicycle and an electric in simply an issue of seconds
  • You don’t need to convey a substantial and awkward battery pack or an entire bike to energize it
  • You can impart it to your relatives and companions
  • Your bicycle can be electric without any bother that accompanies normal change units

Engineering utilized:

Rubbee is brimming with creative arrangements and peculiarities.

Thrown grating wheel: The rubbing wheel is the place the rubber meets the street, or meets the rubber if we say. We cast these rollers from an exceptional polyurethane recipe we’ve created for this application. It gives greatest hold while keeping your bicycle’s tire from wearing off excessively.

Multifunction force catch: The force catch works as an ON/OFF switch and as an issue level pointer. Coordinated blue-colored LED flickers relating to the condition of charge of the battery pack. The speedier it squints – the less power you have cleared out. It additionally demonstrates the status of the batteries when the Rubbee is generally charged.

Coordinated concealment framework: It verifies Rubbee dependably gives a consistent compel on the feel worn out on the bicycle accordingly permitting least slip even in wet conditions. This gimmick likewise empowers Rubbee to be utilized even on the bikes with back wheel suspension where the geometry of the bike is continually evolving.

Battery pack: Rubbee has a coordinated battery pack uniquely crafted only for this item. It conveys greatly high flows to power you up the slopes. The lifespan of this pack is in excess of 2000 cycles – this will verify you can energize Rubbee each and every day for a long time without losing any extent.

Multipurpose connector: Rubbee has stood out electronic fitting. It utilizes the same port to join the throttle/ PAS sensor and to associate the charger. Resourcefulness in straightforwardness.

Waterproof development: Rubbee can be utilized actually when it is raining outside in light of the fact that all hardware and the drive unit itself are waterproof.


  • Range (without accelerating): 25 km (15 mi)
  • Top speed: 25 km/h (15 mph)
  • Weight: 6.5 kg (14 lbs.)
  • Peak power: 800 W (250 W Rated)
  • Integrated battery pack: 20000 mAh
  • Full energize time: 2 hours


  • Clamp it on the seat tube;
  • Remove the obsession pin to empower concealment framework (You can abandon it in the event that you need to ride around with Rubbee separated from the wheel);
  • connect the throttle/PAS sensor;
  • press the ON/OFF catch;
  • Just reverse the request to expel Rubbee from the bike.

This is simply a first venture for a tech that could get to be significantly all the more low-profile and consumer friendly.