Go- Cart Lookalike E-bike by Sojourn Labs

With the rising level of pollution the earth is in imminent danger. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Thus, environmentalists have warned the general masses that it is a high time now to curb all the inappropriate practices and help in lowering down the pollution levels or the human race might soon face extinction. Along with this, it is commonly known that the earth is running out of its fossil fuel reserves. Man has been feeding of these precious resources since almost three centuries, so alternative fuel resources are being considered.

These changes will greatly hamper the way new technology is being developed. And we also need to keep in mind this important factor before adopting any new technology. Soon when we will run out of diesel and petrol, transportation will halt. So to ensure this facility electric vehicles were started being developed. Many models have come in the market, but none of them can parallel the prototype designed in the Sojourn Labs who made an e-bike which looks like a go- cart.

The Toronto based Sojourn labs has developed this prototype to combine the features of a bike and a car altogether. It works like a bike, not only will it provide you that little exercise everybody must do daily but it also provides the comfort and safety of a car. It’s a hybrid of both. In the central cities the streets are crowded with lanes and lanes of cars and in such a scenario, commuting by a bike is a wise decision. This e-bike not only provides you with the concepts of light workout but it also provides you the sophistication of travelling in a car.


Moreover, you don’t even need to balance this e-bike. The structure of this bike provides you the proper balance you will require in riding it. Thus eliminating all the risks of falling down and scratching your knees. It has wide space inside and the windshield also saves you from the chilling cold outside and thrashing rains. Additionally it is electric and runs on batteries.

The current prototype can attain a maximum speed of about 20 mph. Though it is incomparable to those fast driving cars but it is apt for city commutes. I don’t think going to your nearest grocery store will require more speed. To enhance all these miraculous features, it also has software support which lets you know how much effort is required in pedaling this e-bike. Though the developers were raised with a question regarding its speed, but they thought it would be better to adhere to the speed and concepts of electric bike so that the users will be able to use it without requiring any driving license. But it does not imply that drinking and driving this e-bike will not harm your health.

The developers have yet to sorts out some of the bugs like the battery consumption time and aluminum brakes which become ice cold during winters. The minds behind this ingenious idea are Phil Lam and Jonatan Lung.